About the author

About the author of Root, Wing and Fenceline

Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

Mary Oliver called these three lines “Instructions for living a life” (from Red Bird, 2008), but they also fit my blog intention. Things with roots relate to things with wings, especially when you walk along the fenceline. Let’s take a walk.

People close to me know I need a little regular time outdoors, and everyone is happier if I have it.  When the babies were fussy, I noticed they began to mellow as soon as they caught sight of the open sky.  Or was it me?

The author                My first outdoors was a city yard in Iowa, and a Minnesota lake during the summer.  Learning to name flowers led to naming birds.  And fungi in wet weather.  Next came Nebraska: prairies, creeks, butterflies.  It’s all connected.

I garden with Farm Kid Ron. He’s neither a farmer nor a kid any more, but once a farm kid…. We started our vegetable garden before we started our house. He plants straight rows and uses tools.  I plant in clusters, let things go to seed, and weed on my knees. Recently we were lucky to obtain a small piece of a big woods on a Mississippi River bluff.

The words “environment” and “issues” are so often used together that most people’s eyes glaze over as soon as conversation turns to anything related to plants or animals, except cats and dogs. I often put myself to sleep at night reading what the scientists are finding.  But I am no scientist.  I am only surprised by the small picture. What I know is that something is out there today that will be entirely different tomorrow, and it will make our lives more liveable if we find it.

Root, Wing and Fenceline is for all the people who have shared outdoor fascinations with me, especially a funny, wise and much-loved neighbor who will probably never see this blog, but who is editing each line over my shoulder without knowing it.

It’s all out there.  If I help you to see what you have only looked at before, I hope it makes your day. If you see more clearly than I do, please share your vision with me, and even (gasp!) correct any errors you may find in Root, Wing and Fenceline.

Thank you profusely for your comments. I am sorry to need the preliminary steps, but the spammers have driven me to it. I will never give out your information.  Always ready for a walk,

Linda Ferring

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